PureBMC® Cell Preparation

PureBMC® requires the preparation of the cell concentrate prior to PureBMC® collection. During the prep phase the cell concentrate is carefully isolated from 85% of the red blood cells. This preparation is the specific to, and can only be accomplished in the EmCyte PureBMC® system. 


PureBMC® Cell Concentration

After the cell preparation the cells are then finally concentrated in the concentrating device accessory. A cell concentrate buffycoat is clearly visible at bottom and easily accessed. This process is a meticulous devotion to providing the best BMC product available on the market.



PureBMC® Collection

The PureBMC® concentrating device with accessory is specially equipped to collect PureBMC® with significantly high cell concentrations. With careful design features of the of the concentrating device with accessory, the PureBMC® concentrating device allow the consistent collection of bone marrow concentrate with predictable performance outcomes. PureBMC® also provide the physician with the versatility they need when determining cell concentration levels with the option to adjust plasma levels.