Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS)
PurePRP® can only be attained with refined processing of the Platelet Plasma Suspension (PPS). The PPS is a unique blend of up to 98% of the circulated platelets suspended in a bath of plasma. This blend of plasma and platelets is 99% removed from red blood cells. This preparation concept is unique to the PurePRP® System and is the first of a two part process.
Final PurePRP® Preparation
The second and final part of the process involves the concentrating of the circulating platelets that are suspended in the plasma. This creates a platelet buffycoat that is easily collected as PurePRP® within the provided accessory.
PurePRP® Collection
The EmCyte PurePRP® Concentrating Device is specially equipped to concentrate and collect 7mL of PurePRP®. With careful design features and accessories PurePRP® is consistently prepared with resounding cell concentrations in a completely closed processing chamber. Once this occurs the operator can adjust their concentrations by adding or removing platelet poor plasma to their desired levels.