Pure PRP® II (2015)

One System with Two Protocols

Protocol A
Protocol A processes PurePRP® without red blood cells or neutrophil granulocytes, making it non inflammatory. This protocol is also the low viscosity solution to a viable PRP product, providing very high concentrations of platelets in a bath of non-viscous plasma.  It is the most frequently used protocol.


Low Inflammatory 

High Platelet Count
Low Granulocyte
Low Viscosity
Less than 1% HCT


Protocol B
Protocol B processes PurePRP® with low red blood cell counts and very high neutrophil cell recoveries. This protocol is used when the phagocytic powers of neutrophils are needed.  This protocol produces the highest chemoattractant activity and significantly increases regeneration potential. Once the neutrophils have completed phagocytosis, they become apoptic cells and are subsequently removed, thereby also eliminating the inflammatory activity.


Antimicrobial & Chemotactic

Higher Platelet Count
High Neutrophil Granulocytes
Moderate Viscosity
HCT Less than 20%