AbsolutePRP™ is fast and efficient.  It produces repeatable platelet and growth factor concentrations that are richly nourished with with cytokine mediators to further promote cell regeneration.  Prepare 7mL of PRP, in a SINGLE 5 MINUTE SPINAbsolutePRP™ is the worlds leading single spin point of care PRP system.


Platelets, Leukocytes, Neutrophils & Monocytes

AbsolutePRP™ is an all inclusive PRP preparation that provides platelet concentrations, neutrophil concentrations, leukocyte concentrations, and monocyte concentrations that's higher than any single spin point of care system available.  The system is easy, quick, and high performing.  The perfect combination for ultimate clinical satisfaction.  For more information on AbsolutePRP™ please call our corporate office or you may click here to inquire online.